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Private Investor

As an entrepreneurial investor, I view the companies I invest in as business partners on an equal footing, with the aim of benefiting from the company’s value growth in the medium to long term. For me, investing in listed companies is a business, and that’s why I take just as careful an approach. I have a genuine interest in the company and love to delve deeply into it. My entrepreneurial spirit spurs me on to understand and evaluate selected companies in great detail.

The term entrepreneurial investor was created by Benjamin Graham in his classic book “The Intelligent Investor”. A standard work of value investing, which I recommend to everyone.

As the author of my book of the same name, I help professionals measurably increase their income by get good with money and using it to invest in high-return companies on the stock market. For long-term wealth creation.

My wikifolio can be viewed here under the name of my publisher, “Value Mind”. Wikifolios are individually created trading ideas in the form of fictitious sample portfolios.

As a business angel, I invest in startups that deliver real value for all stakeholders. Focus on health care, sustainability, impact investing.

On Meetup, I organize a regular meeting in the German language “Stocks, Investments & Wealth Creation” in Hamburg and digitally since 2019. Every third Friday of the month. Guest speakers or webinar hosts are welcome!

This Meetup is for everyone who is already actively investing and wants to exchange ideas about it. We talk about stock market: investing in the form of stocks, ETFs, precious metals, foreign currencies, options, value investing, wealth creation, passive income and positive cash flow. Return on invested Capital (ROIC) is our topic and investing strategies such as fundamental analysis, dividend strategy to optimize returns. From book reviews to own experiences to “just want to have a look”: everyone is welcome.

Stocks, Investment & Wealth Creation