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Entrepreneurial investing – First published 2/22/22

Investing in stocks. Understandable at last.

This book provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to shape your life according to your own values. Insights from psychology and playful practical tasks make it easier to implement the tools and techniques presented. In addition, the author provides a comprehensible and proven value-oriented investment strategy that allows beginners to invest in solid companies through shares on the stock market with a clear conscience and in a short amount of time.

Publisher : Value Mind Publishing Hamburg; 1st Edition (February 22, 2022)

Language : German

Number of pages : 446 pages

File size : 4667 KB

ISBN-13 : 978-3-9824236-6-1

Hamburg; 1st Edition (22 February 2022)

Language : German

Paperback : 344 pages

ISBN-10 : 3982423678

ISBN-13 : 978-3-9824236-7-8

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Women in the digital future of medicine and health care. 

Thun / Heinemann / Aulenkamp (eds.).

German language edition.

Career equity, gender medicine, (She) Health, diversity.

In the book “Frauen in der digitalen Zukunft der Medizin und Gesundheitswirtschaft” (Women in the Digital Future of Medicine and the Health Care Industry), recognized experts from theory and practice deal instructively and critically with structural as well as applied issues from this multifaceted subject area. This work presents a compendium that is unique in the German-speaking world in this breadth, which boldly and solution-oriented takes on the topic and relies on the variety of perspectives and scientific disciplines.

“Doesn’t Fit! Venture Capital Funding for Female Entrepreneurs. How innovation-driven health tech companies become more successful with women.”

Hardcover book: directly from MedhochZwei Verlag Shop

Shaping the world in a startup

Nicole Bogott, Stefan Rippler, Branko Woischwill

Interview on the financing phases of startups

This is the first specific guide to successfully establishing yourself in the startup world. Valuable insider tips, exciting success stories and insightful interviews with startup professionals explain the development and character of the lively startup scene and present entry and career opportunities to actively help shape new and innovative working worlds.

Buy the book at Thalia.

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